Habitude Hardworking Miracle Water

Extra Rice, Please! All Hail, Oryza sativa.


Extra rice, please—not just on our plates but in our skin care, too. Yes, we are mighty proud Asians like that. Habitude Skinwear is ecstatic to have rice—yup, Oryza sativa to be exactas one of the star ingredients in our arsenal. Oryza sativa or rice bran extract has a plethora of skin care benefits making us even prouder of this beloved Filipino staple. 

  1. Rice Bran Extract makes your skin absorb OTHER skin care ingredients better. We all love a person who brings out the best in us. And rice bran extract has high amounts of Ferulic Acid that does exactly this. Ferulic acid is an antioxidant that boosts the effects of other antioxidants. Now you know why we put it in our Habitude Hardworking Miracle Water—to make your serums, creams, and other skin care products even more potent when you apply them after. 
  2. It helps protect skin integrity AND minimize the development of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. We get it, Ferulic Acid. It’s you doing all this, again. We want a friend who is Ferulic Acid in human form.
  3. It softens the skin, too. Rice Bran Extract also has tocopherol and unsaturated fatty acids, which explains how it’s also able to give us soft and supple skin. Did you notice a lot of baby products also use Rice Bran Extract? Moisturized and moisture-sealed baby-soft skin is what you get. 
  4. It has over 100 antioxidant compounds. Rice Bran Extract, the overachiever ingredient, ladies and gentlemen. 

At this point, I kind of feel like I would name one of my children Oryza sativa, basically. Kidding aside, we do really love what this amazing hustler of an ingredient can do and that it is in rich abundance in Philippine farms.

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