Galactic Results: Why Galactomyces is a Supernova Ingredient in Skin Care

Galactic Results: Why Galactomyces is a Supernova Ingredient in Skin Care


The results of using Galactomyces in our skin might be outta-this-world good but this ingredient is actually very much down-to-earth. Galactomyces is actually a type of fungus (wait, do not panic, more on this later) from the Dipodascacae family, under genus Galactomyces, which is commonly used in sake fermentation. In fact, history has it that it was precisely the work of women in a sake brewery that revealed the powerful effects of Galactomyces. Legend has it that the women farmers handling the yeast to make the sake had surprisingly youthful-looking hands, which led to the findings, research, and use of this fungus. 

But, as mentioned, no need to panic! Rather than the fungus itself being smeared on our skin, it’s actually the filtrate extract that is used for skin care (whew!). The filtration process then cleanses it of unwanted bacteria, leaving behind a nutrient-dense power ingredient, juicy with amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

So what can Galactomyces ferment filtrate (GFF) do for the skin, exactly?  Actually, the question should be: what can it not do. Studies using Galactomyces filtrate on human skin have shown improvement in pores, oil control or sebum excretion, brightening of dull skin, controlling acne, and improving the skin’s moisture barrier. 

The study revealed enlarged pores and blackheads were reduced by more than 15.66% and 21.84%—truly results that any skin passionista would want to get from their products! Apart from this, the amount of sebum was reduced by 64%. With acne as one of the biggest skin problems the world over, this is a welcome breakthrough. 

The use of Galactomyces has also shown anti-aging effects. This is possibly due to the overall improvement of the skin and its moisture barrier. Meaning, these effects help keep wrinkles at bay while protecting the skin from environmental stress and exposure. GFF has also shown to revitalize dull and tired skin by making the skin brighter (bring back your glow!) and minimizing the dark spots.

Like we have mentioned at the start, Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate has skin care effects of galactic proportions (anti-aging, moisturizing, pore minimizing, and skin brightening, hello!). Thankfully, you don’t have to look too far to get your dose.

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