In Celebration of Geeky Attitudes

In Celebration of Geeky Attitudes


Do you remember the first time you geeked over something? Maybe it was a cartoon or a toy or a character that you just couldn’t get enough of. Maybe you were seven years old, or even younger and you gushed about something unapologetically and with as much unbridled and unconscious passion only a seven-year-old could possess. And then you were told you were annoying and maybe a cooler classmate gave you your first smirk and told you to keep quiet about it, that it wasn’t that cool. And for the first time in your life you felt…embarrassment. Conscious, suddenly, of what seemed mere seconds ago, the coolest thing ever. 

So for years, we would all face this kind of put-down. We would all know and worse, feel at some point in our lives how derogatory the word "geek" would be. Pop culture and movies would reflect this—portraying the geeks to be the outcasts, the misfitssimply because they were passionate about something and especially if that something wasn’t the norm. I would know, from personal experience. 

This is partly why as a founder of a skincare and lifestyle brand (EEEK! I’m freaking out just typing this), I wanted to write precisely about celebrating the geek. 

Inclusive Skincare: It ain’t just for the ‘cool’ kids

One of the things I noticed about the skincare and makeup world (lifestyle in general), is that for a lot of people, it feels very much like the cool kids table. There’s a certain intimidation, a certain filter of the kind of consumers a brand should attract. For us in Habitude, this won’t do. We ourselves are a motley crew of geeks and goofballsable to gush about anything, no judgment. 

And we hope to build a brand and skin care that makes everyone feel the same way. When we talk about inclusivity in Habitude, we don’t just mean in terms of functionality in which our products try to serve a wide range of skin types as much as possible. We mean inclusive in how we communicate with you, how our brand makes you feel, how kindness and a good laugh at ourselves are always at our core. 

Inclusivity that tells you to embrace your inner geek and know that we love that and welcome you to our table. We’re all geeks here. 

Geeky and hella proud of it

Where would the world be today without the geeks? Would fantastical stories of entire multiverses exist if the author did not geek over other worlds? Would we have the gift of the world’s best symphonies and albums if Beethoven or Freddie Mercury were not geeks about their craft, their word, and their melodies? Would your favorite makeup and skincare brands exist without geek-level thoughts on creating them? Heck, come to think of it, the best people in the world are actually geeks in their own right. 

Truth be told, the world is a wonderful place because of geeks. Because someone was geeky enough to persevere and write and create. Because someone was geeky enough to dream, to build despite being told otherwise. 

The Geeky Attitude deserves betterdeserves to be celebrated, actually. An attitude of sheer geekiness has birthed some of the most favorite things in our lives. And even if it didn’t, we really shouldn’t find comfort in making anyone else feel bad or embarrassed about their passion points. We, at Habitude, are proudly skin care, science-fiction, art, food, design, and lifestyle geeks. And probably much much more. We wouldn’t be here if we weren’t and we want to start celebrating and encouraging everyone’s geeky attitude. It’s high time we smile and say, “Tell me more!” when anyone tells us about what makes their heart beat faster.

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