Our Story

Our Story

Habitude is the French word for habit, which for us, skin care passionistas, is incredibly important. So much of how we take care of ourselves is reflected in our habits, if you think about it. From the hours we more or less sleep, how and what we eat, and how we prep up or undress our skin, what we do and how we do it day in and day out—these are all our habits.

In recognition of habits and attitudes

When it comes to skin care, some of us are the grab-and-go type. To cleanse, moisturize, and SPF is enough. For others, it’s a 10-step ritual, at least. And sometimes, we swing both ways, habit-wise, when the occasion calls for it. But truth be told, who are we, if not creatures made up of all our little habits, from the mundane to the serious, from skin care to self-love? We at Habitude, really, really wanted a brand name that reflects, recognizes, and celebrates each of us, uniquely, the sum total of our habits.

And then there’s part two of our name: We love how the word habitude has so much (you guessed it), attitude. More than just celebrating the varying attitudes towards skin care, attitude for us is so much deeper. Attitude is, after all, our “settled way of thinking towards any one thing” and we wanted to also reflect, recognize, and celebrate our attitudes towards skin care, towards love, towards life, and towards ourselves. To quote the Megan Thee Stallion, “Classy, bougie, ratchet…Nasty, moody, sassy.” Is it not wonderful to be all those things and more? And we wanted a brand that reflects how deeply and joyfully we celebrate that.

What are your habits, your quirks? What attitudes do you stan? What attitudes were your guilty pleasures? Our products, our brand—we’ve got you and if we don’t, you bet we’re working hard until we do. And with that, hello, come in, have a seat, and make yourself comfortable. Absolutely all are welcome. We want and invite you to #OwnYourHabitude and celebrate each and every part of you.

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